25 Brilliant Storage Hacks That You’ll Wish You Learned Years Ago

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Have you ever sat down and wondered how your home ended up ended up with all the stuff in your home? When we think about the items we seldom use or perhaps memorabilia we just can’t let go of, many of us often imagine stacking our closets high with Tupperware or cardboard boxes, thinking it’ll be easy to access something when the need arises. However, it doesn’t end up that way. The boxes containing clutter often become a hassle to take out and sift through.

Believe it or not, there are more innovative ways to store things. Below you’ll find ideas from professional-level pack rats. And the best thing about it, these methods help keep things organized, and functional for ease of access.

1. When your wardrobe demands many belts and scarves, a slide out holder is imperative.

2. Lazy Susans are great for pantry enhancement.

3. Hanging baskets under the cabinets is a great way to make use of that extra “dead space.”


4. Keep those princesses happy with a place to hang their hairbands.

5. Shoe organizers are great for more than just footwear.

6. Vertical baskets. Not just for ivy any more.

7. Seriously, that is just genius!

8. Are you a purse hoarder? A lid rack will save your (and your husband’s) sanity in the end.

9. A simple coat rack and cookie tray can make that closet floor nightmare and sweet dream come true.

10. Velcro is great for keeping all sorts of things off of the top of the desk.

11. Hooks for hanging mugs. It’s an oldie and a goodie.

12. Tall baskets are great for racks and cutting boards.

13. S hooks on a ventilation hood can keep your pots and pans organized.

14. Tension rods can help keep a lid on it.

15. Pipe fittings are great for kitchenware…

16. Or hair styling supplies.

17. Tired of cluttering up your bathtub with all of the essentials? Some well placed hanging clips will free up your space.

18. Get the drop on your child’s mess with a play mat that doubles as a bag.

19. Sometimes you just need to let your inner 5 year old take over.

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20. Egg cartons are amazing organizers.

21. Pegboard boxes store items inside and out.

22. Keep those scissors safe with an extra mug tree.

23. Keep the sewing thread organized, and away from the cat with some nails and a vintage frame.

24. Have fold up chairs? Have scrap wood? You have a solution waiting to be born.

25. A magnetic knife rack works on many metallic things.

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