24 Clever Tricks To Make Your Home Feel Larger Than It Is

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Your place may be small, but you don’t have to feel cooped up. Here are some brilliant ways to work with the space you have so you can get more breathing room.

1. Sliding walls provide better breathing room unlike standard walls and doors.

2. Need more floor space? Open more up by hanging your laundry bag.

3. If you creatively place mirrors or metallic tiles, you can give the appearance of a larger room.

4. Here’s another trick using reflective surfaces that will brighten and open up your kitchen space.


5. Custom shelving and hanging areas can be placed anywhere your imagination can conceive. The same approach can be used with under stair storage.

6. Get those pots and pans on a clever pan holder like this. And for more amazing ideas to add storage to your kitchen, check this out.

7. Installing your own micro shelving to free up a lot of primary shelving space in your pantry.

8. Pamper your baby with a murphy-style changing table. Or perhaps, a murphy bed (here’s a DIY).

9. Place your baby’s crib in a closet not only frees up space, but let’s them know the dreaded closet monster doesn’t exist. Here are some good tips for planning a tiny nursery.

10. Putting walls up is often bulky. If space is a serious issue, use basic room dividers instead.

11. If room dividers won’t work, curtains are a great second choice.

12. Having open storage can also help increase the appearance of space. Just be sure your items are well organized (and appropriate) for display.

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13. Using a dresser for your TV stand is a great way to consolidate storage and TV support.

14. The lower your furniture sits, the higher a ceiling will seem.

15. You can add more closet space by hanging some of your clothes in one of your room’s corners.

16. The right color choices make all of the difference in opening up your space visually. Here are some ways to make it work.

17. Make use of those thin areas around your door by putting up some shelving. Be aware that this may limit how far the door can open.

18. Want to free up some counter space? Installing sliding shelves in a pantry is a great way for using and storing small appliances.

19. Hidden shelves are a space-saving win in any room.

20. Who needs a coffee table in the middle of the room when you can use a sturdy arm table?

21. A window mounted bar can make having breakfast simple and scenic. Here’s the DIY.

22. Does your knife collection take up a lot of space, or intimidate your guests? Here’s a clever way to keep them organized and out of sight.

23. It may not be great for lounging, but a small tub is still a tub.

24. Of course, nothing creates the feeling of open space like white paint.