15 Glorious Head-Scratchers From The Wild And Crazy World Of Real Estate

15 Glorious Head-Scratchers From The Wild And Crazy World Of Real Estate


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    It’s time for another tour through the strange things discovered by our dedicated fans in the real estate world. If you want to laugh, or just shake your head in bewilderment, you’ll find something here. Remember to take your camera with you when touring homes. You never know when you’ll find treasures like these.

    “Oh, the driveway is just for aesthetics.”

    Photo sent in by: Addy Mar

    That’s one hell of a cat’s scratching post…

    Photo sent in by: Ambyre Collins Hensler

    You could say this is a beautiful bathroom, but that would be reaching.

    Photo sent in by: Bridget Miller

    Cletus’ famous last words, ‘Pfft! I don’t need no Realtor!’

    Photo sent in by: Dennis J Gaggini

    Use with caution if you’ve had one too many to drink.

    Photo sent in by: Donna Ricciuti Wilkinson Cline

    Garage door doubles as a state-of-the-art exhaust fan.

    Photo sent in by: Donna Ricciuti Wilkinson Cline

    Sorry, home warranty doesn’t cover damage to your car’s suspension.

    Photo sent in by: Dylan Michael Hofstetter

    Must’ve been hard to sell the house with that much panda-monium going on.

    Photo sent in by: Jessica Thomas

    Depending on interpretation, Mr. Carroll either works for Beer & Associates, or he’s throwing in one helluva bonus.

    Photo sent in by: Joe Leksich

    This home comes with an automated rodent prevention system. Minimal maintenance required.

    Photo sent in by: Kristyn Benedict

    Master bath comes equipped with built-in poop-pouri circulation system.

    Photo sent in by: Mark Hawley

    Don’t know what’s more bizarre: the wallpaper, the carpet or the elevated toilet.

    Photo sent in by: Nikki Caruso Criel

    Note to sellers: wrong choice of decor can make selling a home a tall order.

    Photo sent in by: Seana Streich Taylor

    Camouflaged closet door for the ultimate in clothing security!

    Photo sent in by: Sheri Wahlstrom

    “I was looking for an open floor plan, but not quite THIS open.”

    Photo sent in by: Stacey Ferrell Longenette

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