13 Houses That Are So Pitiful, You’ll Wish You Could Give Them...

13 Houses That Are So Pitiful, You’ll Wish You Could Give Them A Hug


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    Most of the time you see an ugly house you can be assume that someone loves and cherishes it as their home. Every once in a while, however, you see a house that is so hideous you can rest assured that no one—not even the patron saint of ugly homes—finds it remotely attractive. Take a look.

    1. Remember how embarrassed you were as a kid when your parents picked out your school clothes? This house remembers…

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    2. This house just wishes it had a normal roof.

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    3. This buck-toothed house will forever regret not getting braces.

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    4. All this house ever wanted was to look beautiful and symmetrical like the other model homes.

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    5. This remorseful house is learning its lesson in jailhouse scrubs.

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    6. This awkward house can see you laughing at it from a mile away.

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    7. This garage is down in the dumps because it lost its job.

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    8. You’d never know from the outside, but this bright, happy house is dealing with a gender identity crisis. (Read about its story here)

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    9. This house is sick of getting bullied by neighboring houses for looking different.

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    10. All this house ever wanted in life was to meet Broncos legend, John Elway.

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    11. This house tried too hard to impress. Now it feels abandoned and empty on the inside.

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    12. This house wanted to be tall, dark and handsome… but it just ended up tall.

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    13. This home drank away its sorrows, and now it’s paying the price.

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