School Bus Converted Into A Tiny House Had Me Amazed The Second I Saw The Inside

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There are more and more buses turned into tiny homes every year. Most are generic, and somewhat uninteresting. This one, however, is truly unique. Not only did Jeremy and Mira Thompson create a bus that has everything you could hope for in the functionality of a mobile home, but they designed it with the visual appeal of a dream house!

It took the Thompsons around two years to convert this bad boy into their dream home on wheels.

Imagine that a bus decided to play tortoise and crawled into a house. That’s how it looks from the outside.

Shingled roof and walls, a chimney, and homely windows… is this for real?

Not to mention the breathtaking view from this incredible “beachy” door.

No love lost in this full sized bed!

Especially with this kind of ambiance.

It may not be the biggest sofa, but it sure looks comfy.

That looks like a very real, wood burning stove to me. Must keep that space nice and toasty during the winter.

A lovely loft for company hangouts.

And from that loft, you can get a great view of just how breathable this space is!

Just have to point out, I love the porthole windows.

There’s plenty of space in the kitchen to cook most anything you would want to.

Okay, that’s a cool fridge.

A lot more comfortable than most mobile home toilets I’ve seen.

Still hard to believe that this was a school bus.