8 Simple Hacks That Will Add More Storage Space To Your Tiny Kitchen

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There are some home kitchens that simply demand we take space management to the next level. If you don’t believe me, just check out this “apartment” in New York City. Fortunately, we have some genius tips to help you make the most of your kitchen game. Whether your kitchen the size of a phone booth, or belongs to a professional restaurant, these guidelines can come in quite handy.

1. That space above your cabinets may be useful for more than just one level of storage.

You can place a shelf on top to double the layer of storage space for various appliances and other items.

2. We’ve seen pegboard for tools and toys. How about for the kitchen?

It’s an amazing way to organize things within an easy “look and grab” system, while saving your drawers for other necessities.

Another way to save space is to use a fold down table, and perhaps folding chairs.

This is great for a space saving place to eat, chop food items, and even temporarily store extra items.


3. Magnetic strips are far more versatile than most give them credit for. We all know about using them for knives, but how about those food processor blades?

You can even place one under a hanging cabinet to stick your metal topped spice jars to. Basically, if it’s small enough and metal, magnetic strips can help keep them out of the way, and yet within easy reach.

4. Cabinet and pantry spaces can be enhanced by the clever placement of expandable shelves.

You can also use these handy gadgets on top of the cabinets, as mentioned in the first tip. Get them here.

5. If you have an open side to a cabinet, that’s space for all sorts of handy storage.

You can work with magnetic strips, hooks, and small shelving to make yet more chef worthy, organization.

6. The inside of the cabinet door is also prime real estate for storage.

You can use magnetic strips, hooks, lid holders, and even a magazine rack for your foil and plastic wrap. Just be aware that it might take some creative placement of items to close the doors.

7. You can also use clever tension rod placement for enhancing storage under your cabinets, and any other areas that you can stick them.

For more amazing ways to work with tension rods, check out our article here.

8. Finally, if you rarely use your oven or you simply need the extra space, you can store your cookware within.

Sidenote: One quick-cleaning hack is to place dirty dishes in the oven if you are having company, and don’t have time to clean them. Just be sure to take everything out before preheating it.