12 Real Estate Problems Only Realtors Can Understand

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There are all types of Realtors out there, but they can all agree on one thing: selling real estate isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Problems are bound to arise during any transaction, and that’s why most successful Realtors have a great sense of humor. Here are 12 problems that all real estate agents can relate to.

1. Your seller can’t be bothered to keep the house clean for showings

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2. Your seller thinks their house is worth the same as this:

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3. And some of them think you should work 24/7 for this:

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4. Your seller’s idea of a negotiation looks like this:

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5. Some sellers think they know EVERYTHING about marketing their home:

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6. Wait, you mean there are closing costs?! (mind = blown)

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7. That moment you realize the homeowner forgot to leave the key…

8. …And left the microwave looking like a bomb went off inside.

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9. Buyers who demand a deal that’s $100k less than market value… or they’re not buying.

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10. …And want to see houses on Labor Day when they’re not approved and probably can’t get approved.

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11. Weekends don’t exist

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12. Playing the waiting game with offers.

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