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HOA Goes To War With Pastor’s Wife Over Wheelchair Ramp

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Quirky Artist Sets Internet Abuzz After Turning This Dull Shack Into A Psychedelic Wonderland

The Lego Hotel In Florida Has Finally Opened Its Doors… And It’s Everything You Could’ve Imagined

You’d Never Know From The Outside, But This Modest Home Rivals The Sistine Chapel On The Inside

Everyone Else Has To Wait For’s New Commercials, But You Get A Sneak Peek Right Now

At Only 3.5 Feet Tall On The Inside, This Home-Turned-Popular Tourist Attraction Is Now On The Market

Using 5,500 Pennies And Some Creativity, He Turned The Inside Of His Pub Shed Into Something Amazing

Portland, OR Apparently Has A Bad Homeless Problem. The Mayor’s Solution? Tiny House-Hoods.

Realtor Boldly Shows Skin In Listing Video, And Everybody’s Talking About It. What’s Your Opinion?

This Family Lives In A ‘Hobbit Home’, And It’s Much Nicer On The Inside Than You’d Expect

This Family Transformed Their Home Into A Star Wars Lovers’ Paradise

This Man’s Train Travels The Circumference Of His Property. Best Home Feature Ever?!

84-Year-Old Lady Refused a Million Dollars, Forced Shopping Mall to Build Around Her House!

You’ll Never Guess How They’re Planning To Repurpose Mike Tyson’s Former Mansion

New Homeowner’s Renovation Project Was Put On Hold. The Reason? Former Owners Had Booby-Trapped The Home.

13 Zombie-Proof Homes For The Ridiculously Paranoid. #6 Is Nuts!

The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of Grandma’s Hilarious Real Estate Listing Photos

A Woman Bought And Moved Into Bank Where She Got Her First Job

Man Converts An Old Gas Station Into His New Home

Couple Builds (and LIVES in!) Exact Replica of Munsters Mansion in Texas… And It’s Awesome

Home Dubbed ‘Penis House’ Pops Up On The Market Near Sydney, Australia

A Couple Bought An Old, Abandoned Church… And What They Turned It Into Has Everyone Talking

12 Mind-Blowing Real Estate Facts to Entertain Your Brain

9 People Who Built Their Houses This Way Just To Infuriate Their Neighbors

Ever Wondered What It’s Like To Live In An Upside-Down House?

Nobody Could’ve Ever Guessed How She Decorated The Interior Of Her Home… Love It? Or Leave It?

They Laughed When He Said ‘I Live in a Garage’. But After Seeing It? Pure Jealousy.

Ever Seen A Time Capsule From The 60s? Wait Til You See Inside This Home.

Unimpressed With the Exterior? Just Wait Til You See What’s Behind These Doors.

I’ve Seen Countless Double-Wides Rolling Down the Highway… But a Million Dollar Home?!

We All Know Sally Sold Seashells By the Seashore. I Bet She Was Saving Up to Buy This House

Underneath This Hatch Door Lies the House of a Family of 6

Watch This Ho-Hum, Ordinary Garage Turn Awesome When She Pulls the Cord

I Can’t Decide What the Owner of This Man Cave Needs More: An Award… Or Therapy

A Minister in Tennessee Built The World’s Largest Treehouse Like a Modern Day Prophet

Realtor’s 60 Second Commercial Has Made Him The Talk of His Small Town

Panel of 3 Real Estate Brokers Speculate What the White House Is Worth

He Sprayed Shaving Cream on the Door Hinges. The Result? All KINDS of Cleverness!

Shark Tank’s Mark Cuban Shoots Down This Real Estate Investor In One Minute Flat

Home Builder Spends More Than $50K Turning This Home Into a Cat Paradise

Texas Man Arrested After Attempting To Pay Property Tax In $1 Bills

Yes, This is a ‘Mushroom House’. Yes, It’s For Sale. And Yes, You Really Need To See the Interior.

During A Simple Home Renovation, A Man Discovered This Tunnel… To a Massive Underground City

Man Buys a 1950’s House. Its Best Feature? A Treasure Trove of Untouched Retro Appliances

This Family Turned Some Old Pallets Into a Fun Family Project… and Boosted Their Home’s Value in the Process

You’ll Think This Client-To-Realtor Email Is a Work of Fiction… But It’s Dead Serious

A Cautionary Tale About Love, Scorn, and… a Horribly Smelly House?

Group of Real Estate Agents Tip Pizza Delivery Guy $2,084

Man Spends $2 Million On His Back Yard, And Now Everybody Is Lining Up To Have A Go

It’s Just a Normal, Everyday Home… Until You See What’s Inside

You Might Laugh at its Size, But When You See the Interior…

Priceless Moment Captured On Video As Son Reveals He Paid Off Parents’ Mortgage For Christmas

House for Sale: 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms… and a Roller Coaster?

Agent Notices Dead Birds Scattered About Her Listing, and That’s Not Even the Craziest Part…

You’re Not Gonna Believe the Secret this Realtor Uncovered About Garden Gnomes

The Barefoot Realtor

Two-Timing Homebuyer Gets Busted!

The Buyer & The Pot-Bellied Pig

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